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Investment Opportunity


Why Invest in CannGroup?

Historic opportunity to invest in a completely new industry, offering
exciting growth and profit opportunity.

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> Conservative financial model forecasts Selling, General and Administrative Expenses PLUS Cost of Goods Sold to be $0.88/gram.

> Capex  $170/sq.ft.

> Low cost agricultural property with expansion opportunity on 37 acres.

> High efficiency LED lights results in productivity of 2+ grams produced per watt of light energy, more than 100% better that traditional lighting, while reducing HVAC and other costs.

> Movable multi-level rack growing environment further boosts productivity.

> Highly experienced management and grow personnel.

Investment Opportunity

> $2.5 million equity invested directly into the business in facility buildout, production equipment, and working capital.

> Mortgage backed investment offers lower risk profile.

> Family invested and managed company offers stability – Lay/Roth/Tobias are related and are invested via equity.

> Opportunity for 2nd building on a Joint Venture basis

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